Monday, October 5, 2015

10/05/15 Halloween Litter Pupdate pt. 1

We've had lots of 'firsts' this week for the pups.

Cherry Darling was the first to learn to climb up on the couch with no help.  Ash and Stevie Wayne were quick to follow her example.

They also experienced their first time out loose in the training studio; first time loose in our living room; first time outside on the deck.  They're quickly expanding their horizons and are enjoying it a lot.

We got bunches and bunches of great pics today of all the action - inside and out.  In fact, there are so many, I'll have to split this post up into several parts, so be sure to click them all!


Aunt Lizzie- pretending to nurse the pups!  She does this with all of our litters.  :)

A real meal - clockwise from top:  E. Buzz, Carol Anne, Annie & Cherry (off to the side), Becky, Upson, MacReady with Stevie on top o fhim, Bedelia, Wichita, Grady.

Puppy pile!  (Becky or Theo, Starling, Ash, and Wichita)

Herbert & Little Rock - wrestlemania

Starling & Becky


Starling & a bit of E.Buzz

Sleepy Ash

...Ash - gnawing on his own foot.

Cherry Darling

Cherry Darling & Monty the cat.



Bedelia & Theo

MacReady - listing

E. Buzz

Upson Pratt

MacReady again.

Theo- in a model pose.


Stevie and Monty the kitty

Duke Henry the Red
Hello Henry - looking like a Duke.



Two shots of sleepy Theo



Delbert Grady


E. Buzz

Carol Anne

Ash & Carol Anne

Henry the Red and Upson Pratt

Herbert West & Wichita

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