Monday, December 9, 2013

Pulp Fiction Pupdate - New Homes - 12/09/13

The Pulp Fiction pups are getting started with their 'real lives,' and we're starting to get some new pictures coming in.  :)

 Fabienne doing some relaxing.

 Rohan (formerly Jules)...deep in thought.

Winston spent one more week with us before going to his new home.  He's been missing his litter mates, but making up for it with lots of time snuggling the adult whips.

 Mom and pup.

Nomming a chew toy next to grandma Polliwog.

Family Portrait:  
Poppa Feynman (far left), Grandma Penelope (back), Winston, and Momma Spicy.

Plus...a few pics left on the camera from when pups were with us still:

 Two great shots of Miss Esmerelda Villalobos.

Vincent Vega with Esmerelda & Jules photo bombing.

 On their last day all together, Marsellus and Jules and Winston invented a new game - "Living Room Sledding."  Because we were all going stir-crazy with the cold and snow, I had given the puppies a cardboard box to chew and destroy, just to keep them occupied.  At one point, I heard some odd sounds, and when I checked, Winston was IN the box, with Jules and Marsellus pulling him all over the living room.  They proceeded to play this game several times throughout the day - always the same 3 pups.

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