Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pupdates 04/28/13

We've been so busy around here lately, we haven't loaded many of the new pictures coming in of pups. goes:

Benson (Martini from the Shaken, Not Stirred Litter) & his dad, Scott.  Best Buddies!

Sleepy pups.  Deja (Lupini), Hobbes (Voodoo), and their big sister Morgan napping in a puppy pile.

Larry (Wonton - Shaken, Not Stirred litter) and Penny (Penne) - doing the yin & yang thing, whippet style.

Leopold (Presto!) watching Curious George on Saturday a.m. cartoons...with his Busy Bee toy.

Magnus (Stoli- Shaken, Not Stirred litter) peering up at the camera...this looks like a greeting card or poster shot to me.  :)

Misu (Tiramisu) taking a nap after her first hike in the woods.  Nice ears.  :)  Whenever her mom, Bella does this with her ears, I ask if she's going to take those ears in the ring to show the judges????

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