Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pupdates 04/07/13

Thanks so much to everyone for keeping us updated on the Mambo Italiano & Abracadabra pups hanging out in their new homes.  We're loving all the pictures and funny stories, and thought we'd share:

Penne - now Penny - and her big brother, Larry (also a Horsetooth Whippet!)  
What a shame they don't like each other at all.

Ziti - now Izabella - helping her new mom fold socks.  Amazing how helpful whippet puppies are.

JuJu - using her litterbox (almost) right after her first plane ride!  
Sounds like it was a bumpy ride with lots of turbulence, 
but she was a champ and only got a bit green at the end.

JuJu and her new glad to have four feet on the ground and a human to snuggle with.

Presto! - now Leopold - snuggling his new sister, Addie (not a Horsetooth Whippet, but
certainly pretty enough to be one!!!)  What a good big sister.

Leopold sporting his new bow to the opera, maybe?

Rigatoni - chillaxin!

Sammy the pointer, Waffle (another Horsetooth big sis), and Rigatoni...checking to see how many
dogs can fit on one bed.

Mystic - now Zola - giving quite the pose.  Looks like she's ready for whatever comes next.

Pesto - now Rufeus - getting some couch snuggle time.

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