Saturday, February 9, 2013

Horsetooth Whippets - Puppies from the Past

Wanted to post some recently received updated pics from past litters:

 "Moogie" (Chinese Delights Litter) - looking so very much like his mom, Penelope


 "Sceri" (Chinese Delights Litter) - Looking so much like her dad, Timmy!

"Cato" (Chinese Delights Litter) - swimming during Dock-Diving training

"Cato" - Straight Track Racing

"Sprocket" (Shaken, Not Stirred Litter)

 "Sprocket" & "Ginger" (Chinese Delights Litter)

"Waffle" (Shaken, Not Stirred Litter) & her big brother, "Sam"

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