Sunday, February 4, 2018

Happy Birthday Wishes & Past Pups

Time for another big pup-date.

We'll kick things off with 5th Birthday wishes to our Mambo Italiano Litter and our Abracadabra Litter:

The Mambo Italianos, born 01/28/13:

Wilco (Rigatoni)  


Olive (Biscotti)

Luka (Risotto)

Deja (Lupini Bean)

Rufeus (Pesto)

Isabella (Ziti) - gone, but forever in our hearts

Penny (Penne)

Misu (Tiramisu)


and The Abracadabras, born 02/03/13:

Hobbes (Voodoo)

Piper (JuJu)

Leopold (Presto!)

Zola' (Mystic)

& Mojo


Next up, we've got some pics of Luci (Diamond Dog) and Major Tom from the Bowie litter:

Snuggle Bugs

Sleepy Tom

"We need to go out!"

Sticks & Leaves....yum!

Sleepy Luci

More sibling snuggles.

"Ah!  The joys of warm laundry - just out of the dryer"


And some more great shots of birthday girl Misu (Tiramisu), dressed for the cold - and attending a posh wedding in a very dog friendly hotel!


And some more great shots of birthday boy, Luka (Risotto), living life to the fullest:

Pictured with "Maxi" - the little goat he adopted.

Best buddies - Luka & Maxi - growing up.


And some more great shots of birthday boy Mojo - also living it up:

Apparently, Mojo loves opening presents - he broke into the Christmas presents several times before Christmas day.  :)


Next up, some more shots of birthday girl, Olive (Biscotti) with her buddy Zeus & her kiddos, and getting some loving:


And a couple more shots of birthday girl Penny (Penne) with her little sis, Bella and big brother, Larry (HT Larry's Wonton Takeout):


And back to the Bowie Litter - we've got Ziggy Stardust - posing in the sun:


Next up, we've got Pip (HT Auric Goldfinger) - pouting in the 'cone of shame' after a mishap that involved crashing through the patio door...


Next up, we've got Sammi Girl (Winky) from our "W2" litter - taking a trip to Mexico. 

Helping to navigate...

Checking out the palm trees.


And last but not least, we've got Mixy (Blue Jean) and her buddy, Grommit, enjoying some chicken feet....of course he's in her bed, and she's in his.

Whippet Proverb:  The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence; and the chicken foot tastes better in the other dogs' bed!

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