Sunday, October 22, 2017

Puppy Xrays & More Birthdays!

October is a busy Birthday month for us, and about to get busier...


Spicy's x-rays on Friday the 20th show lots of heads & spines.  Any guesses as to how many?  (We know, but we're keeping it a secret this time.)  Let the guessing games begin.

She's doing great and we expect her to deliver right on time - sometime between the 25th & 30th, most likely.


Happy Birthday!

And yet another October Birthday Bunch to celebrate.  The Chinese Delights Litter pt. 2 had their 6th Birthday on Oct. 19th, sharing it with Ken.  We'll never forget the long birthday 'present' they offered him (an emergency c-section delivery) six years ago!

Happy Birthday to:

Salinger (HT Dark Star of Kung Pao)
Larry (HT Larry's Wonton Takeout)
Jett Jr.  (HT Mu Xiu Jett)
Trevor (Amulet General Tsau of HT)
and of course, Spicy Duck, the expectant mom herself!

Larry (HT Larry's Wontobn Takeout)


Jett Jr. (HT Mu Xiu Jett) and his little buddy.

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