Monday, April 3, 2017

"W" Litter pupdate - Days 20 through 22

Days 20 through 22 bring lots more growing and changing for the "W" pups.  We try to post the pictures in the order they were taken and these last few days really documents the changes.

Everyone has little budding teeth and all are eating solid foods along with still nursing.  Lots of play going on, and beginning personalities are showing - lots of tail wagging, talking, and of course - still lots of sleeping.

Wombat  at the food bowl while his siblings sleep.

Lychee sharing the bowl with Wombat.

Wingnut really likes the soaked kibble, and has begun to catch up in size as she eats a lot of it!

Andy Warhol nomming some kibble.

Andy Warhol joined by Wilson at the bowl.

Nom, nom, nom....

The whole crew.  Andy's really chowing down!

Meanwhile - Whiplash is busy stretching and yawning...

...and yawning and stretching...'s feet make a great pillow.

Wingnut - snuggling Lychee.

When you party hardy - you gotta pay the piper.



Whoopi & Whimsy doing some wrestling.

"I eat your head."

Andy Warhol




Sleepy Wingnut

Jailbreak - Whoopi & Warhol

Whimsy thinks the jailbreak is funny.

Wet willy time.

Warhol & Whiplash

"I has feets"

Deep thoughts.

Not so deep thoughts.  

This is the set up.  The pups have moved into a bigger, deeper pool, due to their jailbreak capabilities.
You can see their litter trays, food, and bedding for mom & pups.

All 7 - Whoopi, Warhol, Whiplash, Wombat, Wingnut, Wilson and Whimsy (bottom)

Lychee wishes they'd wake up and play.

Whimsy on the move.

Warhol studying the fleece.

Whoopi checking out her sis.

Whimsy & Whoopi

Wombat & Wingnut wrestle time

Action shot.

Warhol says, "Watcha eatin?" to Whiplash.

"Here...let me eat your head."

Wilson & Warhol face wrestling.

Whiplash, Wingnut, Wilson & Warhol wrestlemania.

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