Monday, February 6, 2017

GIANT Past-pup & Birthday Update 02/05/17

The blog has been sorely in need of updating, so here we go!

First off, January & February brought a host of Horsetooth puppy birthdays, so we'll kick things off with continued happy birthday wishes for the coming year and some great pics:

The Matrix Litter turned 3 on January 13th.  Happy Birthday to:

Neo (HT The Matrix's Neo)
Luigi (HT Morpheus of Zion)
Trinity (HT The Matrix's Trinity)
Mouse (HT The Matrix's Mouse)
Apoc (HT The Matrix's Apoc)

Here are a couple of great shots of Luigi along with his buddy, Mario:

And here are a few of Mouse and his buddy Jack (HT Vincent Vega) - the ultimate snugglers:

"Aw mom...don't take the pic yet...I just woke up!"

"Double Trouble"

How about this great shot of Apoc and his uncle - his mom reports that this uncle is the love of Apoc's life.  And we all know - there's nothing like the love of a whippet  :)

The "Mambo Italiano" Litter also celebrated a January Birthday, turning 4 on the 28th.  Happy Birthday to:

Wilco (HT Rigatoni Sorrentino)
Alfredo (HT Fettuccine Alfredo)
Olive (HT Biscotti Toscani)
Luka (HT Risotto Parmesan)
Deja (HT Lupini Beanie)
Rufeus (HT Pesto Di Noce)
Isabella (HT Ziti Isabella) - gone, but forever in our hearts
Penny (HT Worth Every Penne)
Misu (HT Tiramisu Frangelico)

We'll start things off with Misu...showing off even more of her Rally ribbons and scores, and then getting down to the serious business of snuggling, and of bubble-wrap ravaging:

Nothing like snuggles with Oolong, the kitty.

"Brrr!  Turn the heat on in this car, mom!"

Obi-Wan Whippet....the force is strong with this one....

Bubbles!  Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.....
*pop!*  *pop!*  *pop!*

Next up, we've got Wilco hanging out with his whole Horsetooth Family.  

From left to right:  Wilco, Buzz (HT E. Buzz), and Waffle (HT Hot Toddy)

Wilco, Daddy Clint, and E.Buzz.  What the heck are they watching on TV?  Must be the shower scene from Psycho....

E. Buzz & Wilco & Sam the Pointer - Wilco showing off his Winton's Winter Wear coat.

Next up, we've got Penny:

"All legs"

"Is that a real deer?!"

Birthday begging.

Penne squish-snuggling her little sis, 'Bella' the Italian Grey.

Next up, we've got a cute pic of Olive and her little Pekingnese buddy, Ceasar.  She likes to stand guard over him.  Olive looks like she's taking her job very seriously:

And how about these pics of Deja, snuggling with family and making a sour puss about the cold winter:

"When will this cold winter end?"

Next - on to the February Birthday crew.  The "Abracadabra" Litter also turned 4 this year - on February 3rd.  Happy Birthday to:

Hobbes (HT Voodoo Child)
Piper (HT JuJu Child)
Leopold (HT Lestate Presto) 
Zola' (HT Into the Mystic) 
and Mojo (HT Got My Mojo Workin')

First up, a great B-day shot of Leo (Presto).  Loe the 'Divo' style birthday hat:

And how about a few shots of Piper (JuJu) and her buddy, Amelia:  

Too early in the morning for pics...

Piper say, "Oooof!  Amelia...get off me!"

Classic Car Ride

And last but not least - some non-birthday pics of some of past Horsetooth pups:

We've got Tau & Miso and Family celebrating a fun Holiday vacation at the beautiful Broadmoor in Colorado Springs:

Beautiful views, beautiful ladies, beautiful dogs!

And some more fun shots of  the California Horsetooth Crew - Waffle, Wilco, and E. Buzz:

E. Buzz, modeling his new coat from Winston's Winter Wear.

Waffle got a new "Raspberry Ice" coat, too.

Wilco - looking somewhat non-plussed that HE didn't get a new coat.  
(That's because his fits so well already!)

Well...I think this catches us up on all the new pupdates.  If I missed anyone, don't hesitate to shoot me an email!  

Stay tuned for updates on the Lychee & Johnson litter, due in March.  And perhaps another litter coming up in April.

And keep on sending pics - whether it's a birthday, or other special occasion or not, we love getting updates on our pups!

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