Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 2016 Pupdates...

First off, we've got Happy One-Year Birthday wishes for our Bond Litters 1 & 2 - born May 8 & 9, 2015.  Pics have already started rolling in of the birthday pups:

First up, we've got Isla (HT Kissy Suzuki) in a great montage of shots.  We can see aspects of both her daddy Chewy and her mama Lychee in her:

Next up, we've got a great 1 year shot of Chamois (HT Dr. No), snuggling with the whole family - he's on the far right, looking just like his dad, Johnson:

And how about Hugo (HT Hugo Drax), partying pretty hard:  

Next up - birthday girl, Sunni (HT Domino Vitali)...who rarely holds still for the camera - just like her mom, Lychee!

Next up, we've got another birthday party girl, Miso (HT Xenia Onatopp):  

Not to be outdone by all these May Birthday babies - we've also got an April 13 Birthday Boy, Tau (HT Tau Neutrino) - Miso's 'big brother' having his own celebration.  Tau and his litter - The Quantum pups, our very first litter at Horsetooth turned 6 this year:

Next up, we've got a non-birthday pupdate on Indy (HT Herbert West) and Roxy (HT Stevie Wayne):

"All sacked out" - Roxy, Indy, and buddy Zoe.

Next we've got a couple of great shots of Sceri (HT Sceri Monkey Sesame Puff) and Twiggy (HT Twix):

And last, but not least, we've got some great shots of Waffle (HT Hot Toddy), Wilco (HT Rigatoni Sorrentino), and E. Buzz (HT E. Buzz):

"Red Whippets Rule!"

As always, thanks a bunch to all of our puppy owners for the great updates & pics.  So fun to catch up with our pups!

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