Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 2016 Snowmaggedon

Just had to share a few pics from around the Horsetooth Villa this morning:

 Ken and his tunnel down the front steps.  We have at least 2 feet of snow in most places, and drifts around 30 inches or so.

 The Whippet Hauler - snowed in!

 Fermi & Spicy ventured out briefly to check things out.

 Ken made pathways through the deck on the snow for the dogs, as it's to their elbows in most places - to their shoulders in others.

 Puppy Theo thinks it's the best thing that's happened in her short life.

 Dots & Theo - a rare moment of being still.  They've spent the better part of the morning ripping around at top speed through the white stuff.

 Our back deck and turtle tank on the left.  The turtles are snug in their indoor tank for the winter!

 Puppy Theodora - attempting to jump on TOP of the snow.  "Weeee!"

Two shots of Theo doing her "Santa" impression. 

 Penelope, warm and covered up in side says, "Pfffffftttttthhhhbbbbtttt" to all this snow.
 Smart old timer - she hasn't moved from her warm spot on the couch near the fire for several hours.

Lychee's also not interested in going out in this weather!

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