Monday, September 7, 2015

09/07/15 Puppies, Polli Birthday, and Show Results

 Happy Birthday, Polliwog!

Happy 6th Birthday to our wonderful Polliwog. In spite of being the smallest dog in the house, she is big on presence and personality.  Always following us with her dark, soulful eyes...usually hoping we'll drop some food.

Polli's proven to be a great all-around dog.  She loves puppies, and enjoys teaching obedience class with Jen (all the while using those big eyes on people), and loves to go to the races and on fun runs.

Polli is proof that big things come in small packages!

Show Results - Chewy does it again!

We're excited to report on Sunday's show results at the Evergreen Kennel Club show held in Greeley, CO:

Chewy - Winner's Dog and Best of Opposite Sex for another AKC point, all from the Bred-by Exhibitor Class.  He's now got 5 points (including a 4 point major) towards his AKC Championship title.

Dots - First place, 15 to 18th month Bitch Class 

Go team Horsetooth!

We've got one more show for the year (Arapaho Kennel Club, held in Aurora, CO on September 19th & 20th).

Halloween Puppy Pics

And now for the stars of the show that everyone's been waiting for - here are the latest pics of the Halloween Litters:

 Duke Henry the Red




Little Rock and Wichita with their mama

 Bedelia and Duke Henry the Red

What could Spicy be thinking?...
"I has puppies!"

 "Tails up!" - MacReady, Delbert Grady, and Starling

Duke Henry the Red - draped over Bedelia

 Great shot of Wichita's markings

 From left:  Herbert West, Strarling, a bit of Cherry Darling, Carol Anne, Ash, E. Buzz

 Little Rock and Stevie Wayne

 Starling, Herbert West, Ash, Carol Anne

E. Buzz 

Ash, Carol Anne, Cherry Darling and a bit of E.Buzz and a bit of Herbert West

 Delbert Grady - peeking over his mom's shoulder

 Duke Henry the Red

 A bit of Wichita, Little Rock and Stevie Wayne

 E. Buzz...licking Carol Anne

 Becky Driscoll - oh no!  She fell asleep!

Little Rock, Becky Driscoll, Theodora, Annie Hayworth, a bit of Bedelia, Wichita, Duke Henry the Red

 Starling - sleeping with her mom

 Cherry Darling...nodding off in class

Delbert Grady, RJ MacReady, Carol Anne 

 Annie Hayworth and Bell'a ear

 Aww - snuggles.  If she was a boy, we could have named her "Wet Willy."

Stevie Wayne, Duke Henry the Red, Becky Driscoll

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