Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mama Dogs, X-rays, and some fun past pup brags and pics...

What a week!  Polli and Lychee both had their x-rays done on Friday.  Both moms are doing great, and we're thinking end of this week for whelping dates.

Here are a few photos of what the moms are looking like - inside and out!

 Lychee is a little perplexed about why there are aliens wiggling around in her....

 Lychee's x-ray - looks like maybe 6 in there.

 Polliwog's been to this movie...she knows how it ends; and she is excited and happy about puppies.  She's been in a great mood all week!

Polli's x-ray - looks like she's got 5 again (she magically has had 5 pups - 4 boys, 1 girl in every litter she's ever had)...she's clearly one for consistency.  
We'll see if we manage to have any more girls this time!

Next up, we've got Trixie Belle (HT Squirrel Nut Zipper), bird watching?  Cat watching?  There is definitely something out there!
"Focus.   I has it."

Next up, we've got a fun nose-pic of upcoming-papa dog, Johnson (HT Big Johnson's Blue Butternuts of Amulet):
The nose knows....

And how about some cool brags for some past Horsetooth Pups:

First up - Misu (HT Tiramisu Frangelico) had 15 seconds of fame in a news story on ticks & Lyme disease.  She did very well demonstrating that dogs need to be checked daily if they are out in tick-heavy locations.  We'll add the link as soon as we can.

Next up, Cato (HT Shanghai Tofu) got his Novice Barn Hunt title this past week.  Congratulations, Ellen & Cato!  Ellen originally wanted Cato to be a flyball dog.  He didn't take to that sport, but has done just about every other sport and activity she's put him to - he races, lure courses, barn hunts, has tried his hand at dock diving, and more!  We couldn't be more proud of this dynamic duo.

And finally, it looks like Omar & Kima (HT Oh Henry & HT Skittles) had a blast at the 2015 Furry Scury - Omar reportedly did GREAT on his first time on the lure:

Keep the pics, coming, folks!  And stay tuned for the new puppy announcements any day now......

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