Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More Birthday Pup pics!

This week we've got "Luka" (HT Risotto Parmesan) checking in:


 Luka and his best whippet buddy, Jordi

Boys will be boys...these two can't help playing 'whip jitsu' ...
just like the ju jitsu competition on the TV behind them.

Whew!  Martial arts practice is exhausting!

 Luka and his kitty, Romeo.  Romeo looks really thrilled with the way Luka invades his space....  :)

"Who?  Me?"

Next up, Luka's litter sister, "Deja" (HT Lupini Beanie) with her new family in North Dakota:

 Snuggly whippet girl!

 Making perfect whippet 'stink-eye' for the camera.

 Deja and her little boy, Liam.

 And her new best friend, Emma.  Apparently these two are attached at the hip!

Deja says, "Wowsa!  I'm from Texas...what is all this white stuff?!"

And next - not to be left out of the 2yr. old birthday pics - "Hobbes" (HT Voodoo Child):

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Keep the pics a rolling in, folks.  We know everyone loves seeing their pups' siblings growing up, and as always, we love seeing your happy whippet kiddos.

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