Sunday, November 17, 2013

Black & White Themed Past Puppy Update 11/17/13

With the Pulp Fiction Litter growing and becoming more and more independent (read:  mischievous) everyday, I've gotten behind on my blog posts!

We've gotten some absolutely great past-puppy pics and updates recently that I wanted to share:

First off, we have a montage of Salinger (HT Dark Star of Kung Pao) from our Chinese Delights II litter.  Big thanks to his dad, David, for sending pics and great videos of his boy.  We love that all of these Jett sons take after their daddy so much!

Next up:  Piper!  (HT JuJu Child - from our recent Abracadabra Litter) and her non-Horsetooth Sis, Amelia; her kitty, Spider; and her Pop:

Last, but never least, is Sprocket (HT Rye Manhattan - full brother to Salinger from a second litter, our Shaken, Not Stirred Litter), with his special friend, Bunny Blue.  Hmmm.  We'll leave it up to you and your imaginations to caption this one....

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