Thursday, August 15, 2013

Past-Puppy Pupdates 8/15/13

Wow...can't believe it's been so long since the last update.  Lots of news to share.

On the past-puppies front:

Miss Tiramisu has had quite a summer.  After an injury, she is busy getting some reconstruction and stretching (yes...stretching) of the radius bone in her left leg.  Her fabulous contraption looks just like the equipment to make Ethan Hawke taller in the Sci-Fi movie, Gataca.  Pretty cool!

Her mommy has had the added fun of not only wild six-month old whippet brain (which all of those with recent pups can sympathize with), but wild six-month old whippet brain on a puppy who has to stay quiet and rest!

Her mom has made her a sleeve to cover her hardware...but we just had to post the pics of her far-out mechanics, as well.

Piper is having a good time just chilling out with her dad (we love the black, white & red motif going here):

Ginger & Sprocket checked in with some great pics of their own, as well...LOVE those whippet nose shots:

 Sprocket maybe should've been named "Stretch"?

A little birdie told us also that Mojo and Olive both recently attended a fun-run at the Zoiboyz ranch, and BOTH of those 6 month old puppies really went for the lure.  Do we have some racing champions in the future?

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